What You need for The Plus Size Suits

What You need for The Plus Size Suits

Today we are going to talk about plus size wedding suits. And who better to tackle this subject than the Size-Factory brand, specializing in plus size fashion? In three questions, we answer the questions asked by many future married couples. It is the choice of the plus size suit according to its morphology, the criteria to be taken into account and finally where you can find a plus size suit? 

How to choose your plus size wedding suit according to your morphology?

Dressing when you are a strong or tall man is not always easy! So finding a plus size men’s suit is  part of the journey. We wanted to offer strong and tall men the possibility of being able to dress in clothes in their sizes and especially in the era of time.

We have a range of clothing for strong men and another for tall men. Indeed, depending on the morphology, strong or large, we will not dwell on the same points. The strong man, will have to privilege the straight cuts. Conversely for the tall man, the cuts will be more fitted. Care should be taken to ensure that the hem of the trousers falls perfectly above the shoe. You must also be careful that the shirt sleeves are long enough to protrude slightly from the jacket. For tall men, we recommend opting for extra sleeve lengths (72cm) so that they fall low on the wrists.

Regarding the build, you must ensure that the jacket is perfectly cut. The angle of the jacket should fall perfectly over the shoulder and the seam should be aligned with it. To check that you are not too tight, you can close the first button of the jacket. Just like the jacket, the shirt should fit perfectly. You don’t have to float in it or be too tight! You must also be able to slip at least one finger between the closed collar and the neck.

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What criteria should be taken into account: brands, price and style?

  • Previously, the majority of plus size men used to turn to tailor-made suits, as the market did not meet demand. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a costume at the cost of oversizing. Size-Factory wished to overcome this lack by offering plus size suits that do not make any concessions on style and at affordable prices.
  • We select our suits based on the trendiest cuts and styles on the market. Regarding the choice of colors we opt for timeless costume colors: Gray, black or blue for more modernity and sobriety and with a wide range of patterns.
  • We take into account the quality of the materials used in the garment as well as all the small details to ensure the look and elegance you deserve! We want you to be perfect for D-Day at all costs!

Where to find your plus size wedding suit?

You can find your plus size wedding suit in one of our plus size stores located throughout France or on our e-shop. Our salespeople will be happy to advise you on the choice of the plus size suit made for you! We also offer a free alteration service to perfectly adjust the costume to your measurements, if necessary.