All That You need to Learn About Oxford Shoes

All That You need to Learn About Oxford Shoes

Doubt when choosing the right shoe for you? Which model is better? And what is the difference between Derby and Oxford?

This doubt is very common at the time of purchase, mainly because each person has a different foot shape, some tall, wide, thin, thin with different characteristics. We will give you some tips to choose the model that best fits your foot. A very important tip, when buying, look for 100% genuine leather models, the leather adapts better to the foot, and according to the use it will shape better and be more comfortable. In case of the oxford shoes this comes perfect.

Black Leather Derby Shoe

The Derby Shoe has lace laces integrated in flaps, which are stitched on leather (upper part of the shoe , sewn above the sole). So when putting on, it facilitates the opening by the flaps and the adjustment to the foot, providing greater comfort for those who have high or wide feet.

The Oxford Shoe, on the other hand, has a shoelace integrated to the upper, has no flaps, providing a narrower model, suitable for those with thin feet. Very elegant and traditional shoe , one of the first men ‘s shoe designs created in the world.

  • Both models are timeless, ideal for special occasions and for work. You can find in various configurations, leather, rubber and Brogue details.
  • Oxford shoes make all the difference nowadays, both in the male and female world, it is a famous shoe, which does attract attention wherever it goes.
  • But in fact, it’s the details you wear outside the Oxford Shoes that will make all the difference. However, the merits all go to Oxford Shoes and deservedly, by the way.
  • Because they are elegant, charming and simply beautiful, which today make the head and feet of men and women, and if used correctly you will be chic and fashionable.

Creative Women Wear Stylish Oxford Shoes

Have more personality in the look, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and even to wear clothes with prints and textures, because that’s the great grace, the mixture, use a flashy lipstick, however, don’t use red, it will totally cut the attention of the its biggest attraction, the Oxford Shoe.

Tips on how to wear oxford shoes for women

For women who use sneakers a lot, a tip is to exchange them for Oxford Shoes, which are nowadays the success of the moment. It is the most coveted shoe of the moment.

For men, wear tighter trousers, leather jackets, glasses if you prefer and of course if necessary, alternative props are also a good fit for matching with Oxford Shoes, such as rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets. Simply use your creativity.