Trend Alert: The Hottest Handbags of the Season

Trend Alert: The Hottest Handbags of the Season

Introduction to the handbag trends of the season

Up your handbag game this year with the trendiest (and most difficult to pronounce) bags from this fall collection: It’s back to the ’30s with these vintage-inspired bags. Statement colours make the whole bag pop, adding a sense of fun to even the most formal attire. Can we get some vegetables in a bag, please? Sustainable materials are the new baubles.

The comeback of vintage styles

Throw it back to the past with vintage handbag styles that are back in vogue for this season. Simulate trends from the past seasons with their highlighting retro shapes, prints and designs that make these accessories the perfect outfit for everyone. Sister by a challenging leather structure or a clasps, the option is responded that epitomises the eras of the past.

With a heritage vibe and a sense of breeding, a vintage bag feels like no other bag. These Golden Era designs, from the chic 1950s top-handle to the hippy-chick 1970s saddle – as well as all the others in between – mix well with contemporary styles, and can be injected into an outfit with confidence.

A vintage handbag, due to its craftsmanship and quality, can bring its own kind of resplendence to your outfit. Your vintage purchase will have its own story having tread the centuries, encompassing the rules of fairness, your style claim and your flamboyance from various tackle. Don’t flinch away from stripes and checks. Buy bold and make a personal statement. Flaunt your creativity with eye-catching designs and statement handbags, which can mark you as different compared to others.

Bold and playful colours

Colour is key this season as handbags sass things up with bright and bold colours – from lime green to fire engine red. If you love colour, this is your time to shine.

Bright, yellow crossbody bag, green tote bag, bucket bag – this summer items are available in every shade. Wear these accessories to uplift your look with some cheerful colours.

Mix and match colours in your outfit with these punchy, statement handbags. Play around with colour-blocking or clash colours for a more unpredictable and visually stimulating look.

You can upgrade your look by adding or giving your outfit a little change. With a more colourful handbag, you can use it for a casual day time look to an evening outfit, it will surely compliment your look. So go grab your more colourful handbag and show off your style. Because the more colourful the better.

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Who says that environmental awareness can’t be in vogue? There are plenty of eco-conscious materials that this season’s top designers are using to make strong fashion statements with sustainable, green handbags. After all, it’s possible to look good while doing good: designers are showing off clothing that reuses recycled plastics, organic cotton, and vegan leather.

Besides lessening your carbon footprint, it would also offer you the chance to make a fashion statement about ethical practices in the industry. You can skip the cows and goats, and still get yourself a bag that exudes good taste.

From totes crafted from upcycled fabrics to rucksacks manufactured from reclaimed materials, there is a world of handy handbags out there waiting for us with open arms. Buying any of these eco handbag styles will help to reduce your waste footprint, and let you carry a piece of fashion with a conscience.

So keep that in mind next time you are looking for a new handbag – one that fits with your eco-cred – but still keeps you stylish.

Mini bags for a minimalist look

If you want to stand out fashion-wise but carry less stuff — go mini! Small bags are all the rage this year, and they come in handy for the exact purpose — your thumb. Yet, they maintain a stylish look without cramping your finger.

Standing on your mini’s real importance is that you can take anywhere you want everything that might come in handy: a set of keys, a smartphone and a wallet. There are huge selection of this handbag and you are able to choose the coveted crossbody with the main hand, or settle for a prestigious top slip.

Mini bags are the ideal accessory. Wear them in the day with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or in the evening to accompany a dinner or drinks date with friends.

You can go with a classic black mini bag or mix it up with unusual colours or prints. It really doesn’t matter, because you can make any look instantly fun and grown-up with the rising popularity of mini bags. Let the trend of mini bags be your secret weapon for creating instant impact with minimal effort!

Top designer collections featuring these trends

Want to give your accessories a makeover? Luxury and cutting-edge designers have introduced the most important handbag trends now. From the latest Gucci bags to upcoming It bags of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many newcomer designers – the offer of high-end handbags is abundant this season.

In these three top designer collections, you find vintage-inspired outfits as well as the enduring bold colours, miniature styles for every taste, and visually striking pieces for those seeking the statement-making avant-garde.

Expect details, the finest quality of craft, and creative designs that make one clutch or bag stand out from the crowd. The priority is quality materials and finishes, all to give you a fashion piece that is the best you have landed your hands on for a long time.

Where to find affordable options

But how can you stay on-trend without blowing your budget? Well, there are many affordable retailers and websites offering a wide range of trendy bags for budget-savvy shoppers.

Many stores such as Zara, H&M and ASOS sell similar yet less-expensive looking versions of bags that may have been produced for more high-end brands. Keep up-to-date with sales and discount promotions for a better chance to pick up your favourite bags at a low cost.

You might have to shop second-hand or vintage, thrift shops or consignment stores or online resale sites like Poshmark or Depop to find that perfect piece with a little bit of soul, for a reasonable price.

And don’t overlook the neighbourhood boutique shop or the crafty street vendor whose made-to-order items are where you can get the most bang for your buck, not to mention exclusivity. Anything you can own that no one else can is going to be pretty special. Similarly, giving customers the sense that they are personally helping preserve an endangered species can help to boost profits, since it feels good to do well and do good at the same time. But rare and expensive products are not always sustainable, and sustainability deserves more attention, say some analysts, than it receives.

How to style these trendy bags with your wardrobe

Whatever combination of clothes you want to pair with the handbags of the season, all you need to do is be creative and you’re sure to turn heads.

A vintage-inspired wrist bag looks dashing with a floaty maxi dress, or with high-waisted jeans and a white blouse for instant retro style.

Cute and flashy colours go in unusual places, like on bags. Things get fun when nude tones are combined with bold accessories: belted bags, shoes, scarves that match your skin tone, or lipstick that offers a refresh to your everyday look. To create this effect, use more nude tones, like avoid too much black, but do make these items neutral – let the accessory be the setting.

It’s a great idea to use eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric bags to make this work with mix-and-match eco-fashion outfits. Pair it with an organic cotton top or a recycled polyester skirt.

Nothing says minimalism like a mini bag, which is exactly why you should style it with tailored pants, a fitted blazer and sleek sneakers to pull off a flattering, expensive-looking look that allows the bag to shine.

Conclusion: Investing in a timeless statement piece

Because it will bring you more than one season of pleasure, you need to buy a timeless statement piece and not merely the season’s It bag. You need a handbag that will polish your look and make an entrance. Buy a handbag that says something. It can be your signature piece and an accessory that shows off your personal style while accommodating your current trends.

Whether you choose a vintage influence, an eco-friendly alternative or bright pop of colour, a beautiful and timeless piece is an investment in you. Next time you’re shopping for the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe, give one of this season’s hottest handbag trends a try, and see how it can become one of your go-to ‘it’ bags for years to come.