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The Correct Way To Wash Your Nursing Scrubs It may require lots of work to wash a nursing scrub. You will not just attempt to remove the stains but you’re trying to eliminate as well potential harmful microorganisms present in your uniform. Well, you may think that washing it rigorously will be enough, which at some point may be correct but other times, it is not. Physically agitating the fabric might make the scrubs less durable and there is no need to use chemicals to improve the cleaning effect further. Using the appropriate cleaning agent gives you better chances of cleaning your uniform. You must avoid heavy washing too because this can potentially shrink the scrub and after certain period of time, you’ll notice that your uniform is fading in color. Rather, try washing them in a cool water after taking them off. Be sure as well that the scrubs are thoroughly dried before you wear them again. There are others however who prefer to use vinegar as cleaning agent. There are others who say that vinegar helps in preserving the color of fabric and when used more often, the effective can be more noticeable. Vinegar will not be utilized undiluted as you only require small amount of it and believe it or not, small cup added to a washing machine is more than enough to clean your uniform.
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To be able to preserve its colors, turn the scrubs inside out. Even though this seems to be a simple thing to do, many have always been forgetting about this. Failing to do so could make the color of the scrubs fade sooner than you think so to avoid this, turn it inside out and while you’re waiting for them to get dried. It’s more important to do this when drying them under direct sunlight.
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Another popular approach in cleaning nursing scrubs is using hot water. This is capable of killing bacteria that are vulnerable to high temperatures. On the other hand, percentage of bacteria that could be eliminated is small and so, this method may be helpful but not be so effective when independently used. In addition to that, using hot water can make the color fade and the fabric to become thinner as well as less durable. It is important to remember as well that you wash the scrubs in cold water. This isn’t just going to prevent stains from setting in but ensures that your clothes won’t shrink or lose their color. Say that this is the first time you’ll be washing colored uniforms, see to it that you do not wash them with other clothes as it can mix with other fabrics.