Fashion Dresses of Today

Fashion Dresses of Today

Fashion dresses have always been a part of every girl’s wardrobe. No matter how old or young a girl is, they always want to be in style. Thanks to fashion designers and fashion weeks that keep on spinning, girls all over the world are enjoying the latest fashion wear.

The Dresses Come in Different Shapes and Colors

They are designed with various colors, prints, and materials as well. However, what sets them apart from each other is their different prices. A basic one-piece bodice can be bought for less than $100, while others that are sold in boutiques and department stores can go up to several thousand dollars. The only difference between the two is the fabric that the dress is made out of, which depends on the type of fabric used.

Dresses with No Sleeves

Some dresses do not even have sleeves. They are called tunics and usually come in a sleeveless form. Women’s fashion has gone beyond the color wheel and dresses can be found in all colors, styles, and patterns. A fashion trend in this century has been influenced by the empire line of clothing that was started in the early 1790s in England.

Empire line clothes

These line clothes were originally manufactured out of a cloth that could stretch into a gown when tied around a lady’s waist. The name for the style of dress was Spencer and it was originally worn by upper-class women that were attending balls and medieval festivals. The tradition of wearing … Read More

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