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Tips on Selecting a Clerical Robe In the case of church pastors that speak to congregations image matters because before even they speak they have already spoken based on how they are dressed and clothing is an essential part of any message since there are vestments that have various religious symbols and liturgical colors that have different meanings. Before even the pastor searches for any clothing apparel, they need to need to pause for a moment and think about the kind of message that they intend to deliver because it is vital that the apparel reflects who the pastor is and it must communicate the uniqueness of the pastor. Clergy robes are a good choice and they have two major roles one for simplicity and the other for glamor and they can be chosen by following three major steps that are: color and style, quality of the material and functional details. When it comes to color and style, there are things to look into such as the purpose of wearing the robe, how the robe reflects the theology of the pastor, how it is used to express their self-identity and what identity the congregation is in terms of theology ethnicity, denomination and dress code. Another issue to look into is the quality of material and in regard to this the pertinent issues to highlight include: how warm or cool the person will feel in the robe, if the robe will be worn indoors and if there is air conditioning, if the robe will be worn outdoors and whether the season is a hot or cold season. The internal body temperature of the person will inform the person on whether they will choose between natural and artificial fibers since each category has its own merits and demerits. Artificial fibers (acetate, polyester and natural fibres) require little maintenance but they can get too hot in warm temperatures and in cold temperatures they create a static environment but on the other hand natural fibers (tencel, cotton, wool and natural silk) need more attention while ironing so as to avoid wrinkles, but they are very breathable and adjust to various temperatures well.
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It is vital to note that the functional details of the robe need to be factored in and functionality caters for many thing such as how long the pastor wants the robe to be and when considering this the pastor needs to look into things like floor length, ankle length and the church architecture in regard to the number of steps that the client has to climb. The other issues to look into in regard to functionality include the length and shape of the sleeves, the kind of neckline that the person wants, fastenings on the garment and how fitting or loose the robe should be.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Robes? This May Help