Full Sleeve Shirts A Must in Your Wardrobe – Complete Overview

Full Sleeve Shirts A Must in Your Wardrobe - Complete Overview

Full Sleeve Shirts have been the unsung hero of our wardrobes for decades now. Coming from a long and deep history these shirts are a staple item in each man’s wardrobe. Full Sleeve Shirts unique ability to somehow survive the changing of seasonal fashion trends has always amused professionals. It is humanly impossible to not love the simple yet elegant look they give out.

Full Sleeve Shirts are sometimes the safest option in your wardrobe and one could rarely go wrong with them. Layering the plaid shirt with different materials such as fleece or plain tees is widely popular and fashionable. The comfort that the shirt provides is second to none when we talk about casual clothing. 

How to style a Full Sleeve Shirt?

  • Colour:

When choosing long sleeve shirts, you shouldn’t be careful of a little colour, going with basic pastel pants and colourful shirts can make your outfit come alive. Bringing vibrance to your attire in general. Muted trousers go along with bright Full Sleeve Shirts allowing the shirt to be the centre of attraction. 

  • The Material:

A comfortable Full Sleeve Shirt to wear around in your house is one of the essentials. Long Sleeve Shirts come in different materials and one needs to choose wisely for different occasions. Flannel Full Sleeve Shirts are perfect for cold weather and thin plaid ones are better for the summers. Cotton Full Sleeve Shirts will serve you throughout the summer season in an effective manner. 

  • Layering:

This timeless clothing piece is perfect for layering when the weather is not too cold or warm. In winters you can layer your flannel shirts with light fleece and in summer your cotton shirt goes beautifully with white or black tees.

  • Casual:

A simple and casual look can also be achieved by a Full Sleeve Shirt. Keeping the buttons of the shirt open and wearing a simple t-shirt inside will help you keep it casual. You need shorts or a pair of fresh jeans to go well with this outfit to complete the casual look. 

  • Smart casuals:

When going out for weekend getaways or social gatherings wearing a Full Sleeve Shirt is perfectly acceptable. What is important to remember is not to overload the shirt with too many accessories or clash patterns with other clothing pieces. You always need to be subtle and a little basic when wearing other items with Full Sleeve Shirts. Soft pastel pants or regular fitted jeans can bring that sharpness to your look while the Full Sleeve Shirts handle the sleekness department. 

Full Sleeve Shirts have been around for decades now, from Paul Newman to Kurt Cobain the shirt has a glorious and deep history. The comfort it provides and the history it has combined to make the shirts a timeless clothing piece.

There are so many ways you can go about styling your long sleeve shirt, keeping it light and street style, or wearing it under a sweater for winter dates. The options are limitless when it comes to Full Sleeve Shirts and the comfort is second to none.