Fashion Tips: How To Look Slimmer

Fashion Tips: How To Look Slimmer

You might wonder why some days you look slim on your outfit but on other days, you feel like you’re fat and unattractive. The reason behind this is that clothes have an impact on how you appear in front of the mirror and towards other people. This clearly shows you that choosing your outfit carefully is somewhat crucial. While clothes can sometimes create illusion, making us appear bigger or smaller than our actual size, there are ways to fix this kind of problem.

There’s a golden rule in the fashion industry that states if you want to appear slimmer, wear clothes with dark shades. This is actually true since clothes of lighter shades tend to emphasize your bumps and other imperfections in your body. On the other hand, dark colors like black or red can help hide or blend with your bodily flaws giving you a slimmer look. Clothes with horizontal patterns can make you appear larger too, so it would be best if you avoid wearing them.

It’s also important to wear clothes that perfectly fit your figure. Some people tend to wear clothes that are two sizes smaller or bigger than their actual size and that’s what makes them appear ugly. Clothes that are too big for you actually highlight your flaws instead of hide them. In the same way, extra small clothes will make you look big. Therefore, regardless your size, it is always important to buy and wear clothes your own size.

When it comes to wearing pants, choose pairs that have a wide and long cut that help elongate your whole body. Straight cut and boot cut pants also have the same effect. While slim fit jeans have become popular again nowadays, they don’t actually help make you appear slimmer. Instead, they tend to emphasize your thighs since they stick and cling to the legs.

As a final tip, try wearing pointed shoes instead of shoes with a flat forward. If you’re comfortable tucking your shirt in, it’s also a good way to appear slimmer. There are actually lots of clothing companies that specialize in making clothes that help people hide their bumpy body parts. As a summary, wear dark colored shirts, straight cut pants, and always choose clothes of your size.

Choosing clothes that make you look thinner and slimmer is an art. Learn how to create an illusion as you wear your clothes so that people will notice your assets instead of your flaws. Once you master this art, the first thing that people will notice in you every time are your attractive qualities.