Casual Clothing – The Bare Essentials

Casual Clothing - The Bare Essentials

Women’s fashion has not been easier to achieve! Long gone are the days of multiple sweaters, different skirts, panty hose, belts, scarves and many different jackets to pair with so many different outfits. Today, there are a small number of bare essentials your wardrobe cannot be without. Once you have these essentials in your closet you will be surprised just how much you can do with so little. Women’s casual clothing does not have to always be casual; using your own personal style you can transform your most comfortable clothing into great evening out wear.

What are these bare essentials you may ask? Well, let’s start with winter bare essentials.

Cardigans and tunic sweaters are the first on the list. These sweaters will become your favourite comfy wear at home and when you leave the house as well. Have you considered wearing your favourite sweater to work paired with a great pair of business casual dress pants? You may be surprised just how many functions a great sweater can have.

Leggings and skinny jeans are nearly in the same category except for one major difference. While some people are perfectly comfortable in jeans, many find them to be uncomfortable and this is where leggings come in. Their soft cotton materials make them great for lounging around your house and warm enough to be worn to your next special occasion under a great tunic or sweater dress. Leggings and skinning jeans are the epitome of women’s casual wear while including the element of high fashion every woman is looking for.

Cargo pants are extremely hot this year and they are also extremely comfortable! Although cargo pants cannot really double as evening wear they can be worn with long cardigans, great leather jackets and neutral colored scarves to complete this casual wear look.

You may also want to consider a little black dress. These dresses have been an essential in women’s fashion for decades. There are few women who do not own a black dress because they can be worn to so many different occasions, their options are endless! Choose the style that best suits you, because there are many to choose from.

Although not all style and fashion options are listed here you can begin to see just how many ways a simple sweater can be worn and how you can boost it from casual wear to elegant evening wear. Use your imagination and you will find that very few clothing pieces are required to look great with this year’s hot fashion trends. Collect these few bare essentials and you can easily go from casual wear to evening wear with the change of a few accessories and adding a few small features to your look. Everyone is looking to save where they can these days and this bare essentials outlook on fashion is just what you need to make it through the holidays looking stunning!