5 Ways to Choose Sexy Lingerie for Your Husband to Fall in Love Every Day

5 Ways to Choose Sexy Lingerie for Your Husband to Fall in Love Every Day

Igniting romance and intimacy with your partner can be done in many ways, one of which might be choosing sexy lingerie so that your husband can fall in love with you every day. Making love will be more burning if you can add seductive spices with the right lingerie.

Although maybe many people already know about Lingerie, not many women know how to choose the right lingerie. Here are some ways to choose a sexy lingerie that can make your husband fall in love with you every day.

Neutral color

Avoid bright or neon colors like purple, green, yellow, and others. It may look cute, but it doesn’t give off an elegant, sensual feel. Instead, choose simple colors like black, gray, dark blue, and white because they can give a classy impression. Or soft pastel colors that go well with skin like beige, brown, and ivory. If you want to look hot, the only striking color you can choose is red. For those of you who want to find sexy lingerie wholesale at an affordable price, you can try buying it at feelingirldress.com

Avoid excess complexion

Don’t think that leopard print or embossed floral print will make you look sexy and cute, this is just too much and tacky. Men prefer something simple. So any kind of lingerie that contains patterns should be avoided.

Shows more areas of the body

Choose open or revealing lingerie, in the sense that it reveals more areas of the body. Closed lingerie will not give you the same sensual sensation as thin, exposed lingerie. You can find it in Feelingirldress. Feelingirldress sells various kinds of women’s clothing, from cheap trendy women’s lingerie to cheap trendy women’s clothing.

Easy to open

Make sure the partner has no trouble removing it. Avoid too many hooks, buttons or complicated straps such as the Stretch White Backless Wide Strap Teddy Solid Color Mature Female that you can find at Feelingirldress

Add accessories

Lingerie can be created in creative ways, by adding a few accessories such as chokers, eye patches, high heels, stockings, or others. This little addition will add to the heat in the bed.

Well, it’s a quite simple right to choose the sexy lingerie that your husband wants?