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Everything to Know About Clerical Clothing Clerical clothing is actually a non-liturgical clothing that’s exclusively worn by clergies. This is a distinct from vestment in a manner that it is not reserved primarily for services. Practices are going to vary as it is sometimes worn under vestments and at times, the everyday clothing or as street wear of minister, priests or other clergy members. And in some cases, this can almost be identical or similar to the habit of a nun or a monk. There are lots of Christian clergy that already adopted the use of clergy with clerical collar in contemporary times. Clerical shirts have evolved a lot as time goes by and fit not only as a modern clergy but also, on the modern world. Still, they stay as a traditional garment that actually says a lot of thing about one’s profession. There are so many colors, styles, patterns and fabrics that have become available due to high demand. As a matter of fact, black isn’t longer the most recognized color. It has become a fashion industry and clergy make the best that they can in an effort to keep it that way, particularly the ladies.
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Let us just look at some styles that are available these days. The collar attached, tunic shirts, clerical blouses, tonsure shirts with double cuffs, tab collar shirts or slip in collar clerical shirts as what still called in US and clerical shirts are the main styles actually. Of course, there are also other names available for these styles. In the UK, one of the most common clergy shirts is the slip in collar and as the name suggests, this is a collar being slipped in. On the other hand, the tonsure shirt is more of a formal shirt partnered with double cuffs. Tunic clerical shirts have a detachable vicar collar that is either made from plastic or linen. In this modern world, there are available variants for female and male for these cuts and styles.
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Without a doubt, the United States is the biggest market for clerical shirts all over the world while the United Kingdom being in the second spot. There’s a slight difference with clerical clothing between the UK and the US but that doesn’t really matter as these are being sold in all parts of the world and so as the shirt retailers and manufacturers in the US. The truth is, it all boils down to the person’s preference on what they are going to wear. We have reached the end of this article, which I hope given you sufficient info about clerical clothing.