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Composition of the Sterling Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver accessories are some of the bestselling jewelry on the market today. The term sterling was first coined during the early English period. It was initially spelled as steorling meaning a little star. From the year nineteen fifty, the metal shook the jewelry industry with its rising market and up to date it has a broad market to purchase its accessories. The other name for sterling silver is the standard silver. Sterling is a metal mainly compounded of the silver metal and others. For greater usefulness and tangibility, sterling jewelry has a tiny percentage of other metals other than silver. Copper is that metal among the 7.5% that comes in the largest proportion. The percentage of silver metal in the sterling silver jewelry is the largest. You might also have happened to come across vermeil, jewelry made from the gold mixing with the silver. Most of the sterling silver jewelry has the same look of platinum or white gold but at a portion of the price. The silver jewelry is enormous and has an almost appealing look as that of the moon. This is why the sterling jewelry has gained enough audience in the fine industry of jewelry. There are highly famous artists reported of sculpting some unusual formations using the standard metal. Women interested in making official style statements go for artisans who make them nifty and original jewelry.
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Just because sterling silver jewelry has an alloy of other metals for increased durability it does not give you any license to neglect ultimate care for the metal. Your jewelry will get dull if you do not care for it as you should. Silver is known to lose its color once it mixes with sulfur. If your sterling silver jewelry tarnishes, you can still care for it. Just purchase an anti-tarnish polish to start a routine cleaning. Take precautionary measures against the loss of your jewelry as advised by the seller or an expert. Ensure to keep your jewelry safe in its container and do not let it mix with your household chemicals. It is also advisable that you don’t go swimming with your sterling jewelry on.
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Just as other silver accessories, the sterling jewelry is very safe for the skin. There is no reported bodily harm that the jewelry that can affect your skin. Between the machine-made and the handmade sterling jewelry, always go for the latter. Manual making of the jewelry produces the best and most attractive accessory when compared to the jewelry made using a machine. It is hence more expensive as compared to non-manual made jewelry. If you want to make heads turn looking at your exclusive design, choose the sterling silver jewelry that is handmade.