Legian Beach Is One Travel Destination Beach In Denpasar Bali For Getting The Atmosphere Tranquility

If trips to the beach in Denpasar, Bali, most people will go to Kuta beach because the sand is white. Especially now growing rapidly supporting tourism facilities and infrastructure so that the hustle of Kuta Beach continues to grow as we get the facilities and tourism objects. But if visitors are just looking for tranquility and enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature at the beach in Denpasar, Bali, the most suitable in Legian Beach, which is located not too far from Kuta beach, so the view is not too different from Kuta Beach. Not much different from other beaches in Bali, white sand on the beach is also very beautiful and very beautiful sunset views, quite a lot of tourists who come to this beach.

Legian is a tourist area in Bali that is not too extensive, but the whole area of Legian Bali, almost all of them at the seaside. Legian Bali region, stretching from Jalan Legian to Jalan Arjuna. The majority of well-known hotel in Legian Bali tourist spot, located on the beach.

Legian beach, which is different from Kuta beach is the impression of the resort and is more suitable for who did not like crowds and want to relax on the beach. As with the Kuta Beach Bali which every day is always crowded.

Legian Beach also has the same white sand beach of Kuta Bali and relatively quiet compared to Kuta beach in Bali. In Legian Bali tourist spots, most travelers are dominated by foreign tourists. And in the most famous Legian beach is a beach area that is located in front of Jalan Padma Legian or known by the name Padma beach. On this beach more seemed relaxed and very suitable for surfing and is one of the white sand beach cleanliness maintained.

Legian own facilities were quite good, because a lot of tourists from abroad visit this beach. Facilities around the beach is very complete, tourists can enjoy pure beach resort or combine it with enjoying entertainment on offer around the beach, shopping or a culinary tour because there are many places to shop and restaurants to be found in this coastal region.

To relax for a while because not feel hungry, can go to a café or body treatments, the spa at a nearby salon. The facilities and services best five-star style at affordable prices can be found here, so many tourists who walk in this area, either for shopping or for surfing and enjoy the culinary tours.

Travel to the beaches of Bali, the Legian Beach become the primary choice for tourists who want a quiet, resort or resting impression relieve fatigue, but also the beautiful scenery obtained.